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Project Kits

Did you know that Resource Depot makes project kits made from upcycled materials?! 

These kits include all the materials needed to create incredible pieces of art or fun STEAM projects while highlighting the importance of reusing materials to keep items out of landfills. The kits are available for purchase in our TreasuRE, or you can pay online and grab it next time you're here! Some additional supplies (such as glue, scissors, and tape) may be required for some of the kits. 

Interested in kits for your class? We can put together a Class Outreach Package for the following Project Kits:

  • Birds of Flight

  • Book Poetry

  • Collage Starter Kit

  • CD Dream Weaver

  • Paper Bead Necklace

  • Paper plaiting

  • Straw Loom Weaving

  • Surprise Scrap Pack/Waste to Wonder kit

  • Textile Creations

Select Kits
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