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Collage stARTer kit

Need some inspiration? Grab a collage kit to get inspired by the randomness of the universe. Or need an activity for the kids? Have a collage day!

Kit Details

In this kit, you will find a card stock sheet or two cut from old file folders that can be your work surface. There is more than one collage's worth of material. No two kits are the same, but you might find old pages from children’s and adult books, sheet music, old magazine pages, greeting card fronts, calendar pages, stickers, maps, paint samples, decorative paper, stencils, all sorts of paper fun. You just never know what you will find inside! All you need are scissors and some glue. By buying this kit you are helping to give life to items that might otherwise be ignored and support our effort to bring creative REuse to your home. Great for adults and youth.

This kit is $5

Come into our store today to pick up your kit, or reserve it online through the link below:


Wondering what kinds of incredible creations have been made with the kits? See the gallery below!

Bought our kit and made an awesome creation?! Share it with us on social media with the #stARTerkits, or send it to us by email at!
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