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Light-It-Up! stREam Kit

With this kit, you will be able to make a functional light-up bag that attaches to your bike, wheelchair, walker, stroller and more!

Kit Details

This amazing DIY stREam kit was created in conjunction with our incredible Up-Cycle Bike Art Show. 

The kit includes pre-cut upcycled fabric, detailed instructions, cable ties, Velcro, the required electronic components (LEDs, conductive thread, battery pack and battery), and an assortment of fun embellishments to uniquely decorate your bag.

Please note, to complete this project, you will need access to sewing equipment (sewing machine, hand sewing needles, thread, needle nose pliers) and a few other craft supplies.

This project is wonderful for most ages, but 10 years old and younger may need to create with an adult.


Come into our store today to pick up your kit, or reserve it online through the link below:


Wondering what kinds of incredible creations have been made with the kits? See the gallery below!

Bought our kit and made an awesome creation?! Share it with us on social media with the #stARTerkits, or send it to us by email at!
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