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Paper Bead Necklace stARTer Kit

Learn to make beautiful and unique paper beads with this starter Kit!

Kit Details

Once you know how to make paper beads, you make an endless amount of jewelry, and it is a wonderful way to upcycle those lovely paper products you have around the house. This kit includes a bead making lesson, bead template suggestions, pencil for constructing beads on (may be used over and over), variety of colorful upcycled magazine paper, two necklace cords with clasps, decorative accent beads, and glue stick. Great for 10 years old and up, and have patience and like repetitive tasks.

This kit is $5

Come into our store today to pick up your kit, or reserve it online through the link below:


Wondering what kinds of incredible creations have been made with the kits? See the gallery below!

Bought our kit and made an awesome creation?! Share it with us on social media with the #stARTerkits, or send it to us by email at!
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