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REimagine Your World: Conservation through Creativity is made possible with support from Prime Time Palm Beach County, Inc., which receives significant funding for its overall operations from the Children’s Services Council of Palm Beach County. The Palm Beach County Youth Services Department provides support for Prime Time's Middle School Out-of-School Time Initiative.

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As a proud partner of Prime Time Palm Beach County, Resource Depot provides hands-on learning experiences to out-of-school time programs in Palm Beach County at no charge to the family or program. Research shows high-quality experiences during this time help to promote higher grades, test scores, on-time grade promotion and school attendance.


REimagine Your World: Conservation through Creativity consists of six (1 hour) hands-on environmental art sessions designed to engage K-8th grade youth and their sites in creative, collaborative projects that demonstrate the “who/what/why” of Creative Reuse. The activities are designed for groups of 15-25 youth to work independently and in small groups. Students will learn about the four R’s (REthink, REduce, REuse, REcycle), and how pollution and over consumption is effecting us and our environment. Students will creatively use discarded material in an art project or game to help students rethink the items they throw away and apply the knowledge gained in the discussion.​


During the six sessions, students will:

  • Explore how the cycle of waste, which they actively participate in, can be affected by their conscious, positive actions towards the environment. 

  • Discover several strategies, specifically reuse, to reduce the amount of materials going in the waste stream, both locally and globally.

  • Hands-on Arts Integration of several academic areas, including language arts, technology, engineering, science, as well as social entrepreneurship.

  • Give students an optimistic view of future environmental solutions, which they can be the stewards of.

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This program is available to Prime Time approved sites only.

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If you are a Prime Time approved site, please use the form below to request your

REimagine Expanded Learning Opportunity (ELO).

In the message section, please tell us a little about your group, including number of students and ages. 

Please allow up to 5 business days to get a response. Filling out the form does not guarantee your booking, but we will do our best to serve every site that requests. 

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