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REimagine the Way You Shop.

Some items were built for a lifetime. Or several. At Resource Depot, we appreciate each object that crosses our donation doorway. Its craftsmanship, artistic appeal, or utility once made it a prized possession. In today’s throw-away society, there are still some real treasures to be found.


Let’s face it. Sometimes that impulse Amazon purchase or trendy wedding gift turns out to be a bad mistake. We fall out of love with the object of our affection. We downsize, we reorganize. However we come to part with our things, someone else may pick them up with a new-found spark of joy or a rekindled magical memory.

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Welcome to the TreasuRE.

The TreasuRE is more than a market for one-of-a-kind items or newly-packaged goods. It is a place where purpose is REnewed and REinvented. The sharing of quality goods for continued use creates a more sustainable community. By choosing what already exists, we choose an end to excess and wasting our resources.


In our TreasuRE you'll find some one-of-a-kind, new to you treasures as well as new packaged items at a fraction of retail.  


Prices are as marked* and sales support our art & education programs at Resource Depot.


The TreasuRE is REstocked daily, so check back often for the latest items! 


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*TreasuRE items are individually priced and not included with a purchase of a Bin Pass.

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