Materials Marketplace

Turning Waste Into Wonder by Shopping REUSED


Resource Depot welcomes all types of shoppers!  Whether you visit us once a year or once a week, we want to make sure you are finding uniquely wonderful REusable alternatives to purchasing new.  We offer both ordinary and extra-ordinary materials donated as excess from our community and offer them to our shoppers for creative reuse as affordable creative materials.  Our Materials Marketplace has sorted bulk items available by the bin. These include but are not limited to: Plastic caps, used art & craft supplies, leftover tile samples, etc. 

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- OR -


Pop In & Shop

Shop by the Bin is available every day to all customers.  Choose either a small or large bin to suit your shopping needs.

Small Bin - $5 

Large Bin - $10 


* Passes may only be purchased in quantities of 10.

* Bins redeemed upon each visit at check out (Up to 1 Large Bin = 1 visit)

** To be eligible for the Teacher Class pass, must present current Palm Beach County School ID or Homeschool Documentation.

Regular REuser

Think you will be one of our regulars?  Purchase a Regular REuser Pass and receive 50% off 10 Bins/Visits.*  

Teacher Class Pass

Qualifying teachers can stock up their classrooms with our Class Pass - the biggest discount at Resource Depot**


We have a few policies we ask our shoppers to respect:

  • Resource Depot reserves the right to set quantity/volume limits on Material Marketplace items to ensure equal distribution.

  • Materials acquired from Resource Depot may not be resold "as is" or otherwise redistributed outside of the South Florida area.

  • Children accompanying parents or guardians must be supervised and remain within arms' reach.

  • Sometimes items that are available just don't fit in a bin.  See Resource Depot staff if you wish to obtain over-sized items.

  • Some areas and items are off-limits to shoppers. We make every effort to mark these items or locations and ask that our shoppers remain aware and respectful of these boundaries.