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Trophy stARTer Kit

Recreate your own Frankenstein trophy with this sARTer Kit!

Kit Details

This kit includes several trophy bases, toppers, and middle pieces to pick and choose from to create your unique trophy. The kit also inclues and mini spray paint can! You can add your own parts of toys or pictures depending on who the trophy recipient is. The real point is to have fun with all the nuts and bolts, and build your own version of a trophy. There is a sample video on how to make your trophy to help you along the way. Left over pieces can be used for another fun building project or redonated back to Resource Depot. This kit is great for 10 years and up, and is fun for adults too!

This kit is $10

Come into our store today to pick up your kit, or reserve it online through the link below:


Wondering what kinds of incredible creations have been made with the kits? See the gallery below!

Bought our kit and made an awesome creation?! Share it with us on social media with the #stARTerkits, or send it to us by email at!
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