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Gearing Up! stARTer kit

This kit includes a premade spirograph from upcycled corrugated plastic and cardboard, with other upcycled materials so individuals can create geometric pieces of art.

Kit Details

This kit is inspired by the talented local bicycle-artists showcased in our Up-Cycle Bike Art Show. In this collection, seven different artists used a variety of materials to transform old bicycles into incredible creations! 

Drawing inspiration from movement created by bicycle gears, this kit includes a spirograph made from upcycled corrugated plastic, cardboard and lids. The edges of the spirograph components have small ridges, much like gears on a bike! Spirographs use the movement of these "gears" to create geometric patterns! Students will use their imagination and found materials, to create their own, unique spirograph art. The Spirograph can be reused ,multiple times to create several pieces each! This project is wonderful for all ages, but 6 years old and younger may need to create with an adult.

Each kit costs $15

Come into our store today to pick up your kit, or reserve it online through the link below:


Wondering what kinds of incredible creations have been made with the kits? See the gallery below!

Bought our kit and made an awesome creation?! Share it with us on social media with the #stARTerkits, or send it to us by email at!
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