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Turn Waste Into Wonder by Shopping REUSED

Resource Depot welcomes all types of shoppers!  Whether you visit us once a year or once a week, we want to make sure you are finding uniquely wonderful REusable alternatives to purchasing new.  We offer both ordinary and extra-ordinary materials donated as excess from our community and offer them to our shoppers for creative reuse as affordable creative materials.  While special finds are individually priced in our TreasuRE, our Materials Marketplace has sorted bulk items available by the bin.

Shop the TreasuRE

Shop the TreasuRE

Explore our TreasuRE boutique for one-of-a-kind items and nearly new or newly-packaged goods at a fraction of retail prices.  From vintage to contemporary, there are many treasures waiting to be discovered.  No membership or bin pass is needed to shop in the TreasuRE - all items are individually priced (plus tax). 


New merchandise arrives daily,

so shop often!

Materials Marketplace logo.png

Shop the Materials Marketplace

Shop by the Bin is available every day.  Choose either a small or large bin to suit your shopping needs. No membership or bin pass is needed to shop the Materials Marketplace. 

Small Bin - $5 

Large Bin - $10 

Enroll in our loyalty points program to receive REwards for shopping frequently!

Qualifying classroom teachers receive 15% off* storewide.

*some exceptions apply

Teachers MUST present ID upon each purchase to receive the discount.

Are you a REsourceful Teacher?

We have a few policies we ask our shoppers to respect:

  • Resource Depot reserves the right to set quantity/volume limits on Material Marketplace items to ensure equal distribution.

  • Materials acquired from Resource Depot may not be resold "as is" or otherwise redistributed outside of the South Florida area.

  • Children accompanying parents or guardians must be supervised and remain within arms' reach.

  • Sometimes items that are available just don't fit in a bin.  See Resource Depot staff if you wish to obtain over-sized items.

  • Some areas and items are off-limits to shoppers. We make every effort to mark these items or locations and ask that our shoppers remain aware and respectful of these boundaries.

  • When are field trip bookings available?
    Currently, field trips can be booked between 10am and 2pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. If those times do not work for you, please send an email to and we will see how we can accommodate your needs.
  • What if we have more than the maximum number of students per opportunity?
    Unfortunately, our maximums are set based on our space restrictions and we would encourage you to choose a different option that fits your class size. If you only have one or two children more than our maximums, we may be able to consider it for a small increase in fee, depending on the opportunity. As a reminder, although we do not offer on-site field trips for groups larger than 20 students, we offer a self-directed off-site service which includes a detailed lesson plan, materials and instructions for the related hands-on activity, and the related extension activity for up to and including 30 students. Check out our Class Outreach (coming soon!) for more information on this service!
  • How and when do I pay?
    You will pay at the time of booking through our online booking portal. You can pay with debit or credit card. If you require a different payment method, please send an email to prior to booking.
  • What if we need to cancel our booking?
    If you need to cancel the booking more than a week in advance, you will receive a full refund. If you cancel within a week of your booking, you will receive a 50% refund. If you cancel within 24 hours of a booking, no refund will be provided. For cancellations, please email
  • What if we can't afford the fees for the opportunities?
    If you are a Title-1 school, you may be eligible to apply for a full or pro-rated scholarship through one of our outreach programs. If you think you are eligible, please email for the form.
  • How many adults can and should be present during the field trip?
    There must be a minimum of 2 adult chaperones who assist with classroom management and activities during the field trip. Due to space restrictions, we can allow up to 4 adults to assist during the field trips. Other adults are welcome to stay downstairs and shop independently during the field trip.
  • Can Resource Depot come to us instead?
    At this time, we do not offer the opportunity for offsite field trips, however we strongly encourage teachers to choose our class kit option to take the field trip back to their classroom. Our kits provide all the resources and materials for the activities, except for some standard consumables and tools like glue and scissors. Additionally, we have an active after school program which you can learn more about here.
  • How do we get to Resource depot and where do we park?
    Resource depot is located at 2508 Florida Avenue in West palm beach. Florida Ave. is located between Georgia Ave & Dixie Hwy, off Belvedere Rd. Coming from North or South – take I-95 to Belvedere Rd. and exit heading EAST. You’ll pass 3 stoplights, the last one being Georgia Ave. Make a left onto Florida Avenue just before the railroad tracks. Look for a bright pink and dark gray building called Industry Alley on the corner where you make the left turn. Across the street from Publix is another land mark to make the turn. Once on Florida Ave go straight to the third gray building on the right. Resource Depot’s front entrance is On Florida Avenue. Please Park on the street or aux parking lot across the street.
  • How can we prepare for our visit?
    Discuss behavioral expectations with your students. If you have selected "Tour and Collection", review the lesson plan and activity with your students to facilitate their shopping experience. Students are encouraged to bring reusable water bottles so they can stay hydrated during the visit. We have a water cooler on site students and teachers are welcome to use. Aim to arrive 5-10 minutes early if possible. Students and chaperones can enter the building through our main entrance on Florida Ave and a staff member will meet you on the main floor.
  • What is expected of students and teachers during the field trip?
    Students are expected to be good listeners and respectful to our program presenters. They are expected to be active participants and stay with the group at all times. If shopping is included, students can only shop in the designated spaces and are expected to be mindful of other customers while they are there. If shopping is not included, students are not allowed to take anything home without asking, and should not touch materials or tools without permission. Teachers and chaperones are responsible for maintaining the discipline of the group, especially during the shopping spree if shopping is included. If shopping is not included for the students, teachers/parents are permitted to shop in our TreasuRE Boutique or pay to fill a bin in the Materials Market Place during the student workshop at times specified by the workshop leader.
  • Do you have options for differently abled accessibility?
    Yes, we have a ramp on the North side of the building, and we have a lift to the activities space on the second floor.
  • What if we have students who require special accommodations?
    Please feel free to email us with any questions or concerns about special accommodations for your students before your scheduled field trip date so we can do our best to differentiate the experience to best meet the needs of all our diverse learners!
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