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What shade of GREEN is your business?

Ready to take steps to be more mindful about and take ownership of your environmental responsibility as a business?  GOing GREEN in business by adopting sustainable practices and fostering an eco-minded culture in the workplace has its advantages.  The benefits of a business going green extend beyond just environmental impact; they encompass financial, operational, and reputational advantages that contribute to long-term sustainability and success.

Cost Savings - Improved Corporate Image - Market Differentiation - Access to New Markets & Customers
Employee Retention & Engagement - Increased Innovation & Efficiency - Supply Chain Resilance
Government Incentives - Customer Loyalty and Trust - Resilience t
o Climate Change

Resource Depot's Green Business Self-Assessment is a great start on this journey and will help you discover actions you can take today to focus on creating a more sustainable
and eco-conscious way of doing business.


We are excited to announce a new partnerships between Resource Depot and

Palm Beach Chamber of Commerce and Palm Beach North Chamber of Commerce to create a culture of sustainability through changing mindsets about waste and reuse in Palm Beach County businesses.

Each Chamber provides recognition for current chamber members that participate in

Resource Depot's GO GREEN initiative by completing the business self-assessment tool.  

Click the icons below to be taken to each Chamber's Self-Assessment Form.

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For more information about Palm Beach Chamber's GO GREEN recognition, click here

or email


For more information about Palm Beach North Chamber's GO GREEN recognition, click here

or email

Resource Depot is proud to congratulate the following businesses for taking steps towards GOing GREEN:

Resource Depot is happy to help along your journey towards GREEN with guidance, resources and support!

Please contact Jennifer O'Brien

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