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11th Annual

$25 Application Fee
$75 additional to participate in 5 studio intensives

Application closes January 6, 2022

Catwalk is a program in which students ranging from Middle to High school are given a “trashformation” challenge: construct wearable art made from a variety of traditional and non-traditional materials. Participating students are given access to Resource Depot’s treasure trove of reusable materials and participate in weekly workshops, where they learn the basics of using a sewing machine, construction techniques, and receive guidance on how to incorporate the materials they choose.  Through the use of nontraditional materials, the students gain environmental consciousness while thinking outside of the “trash”. 

For Catwalk 2023, we are partnering with the Norton Museum of Art in West Palm Beach and our theme will be inspired by artwork from their permanent collection.

The Catwalk Runway will be held April 21st during Art After Dark at the Norton Museum of Art. Our culminating event is truly a show-stopper you don't want to miss seeing these talented students show off their outfits! 

Check out our Runway from last spring by watching the video below. 

Catwalk App

To join Catwalk, participants must be school aged students (we recommend 6th-12th grade), be able to commit to the below dates, and be willing to be creative and work hard.  


We encourage creative thinking and an open mind.  Outfits must be made of at least 50% upcycled materials, which can include working from existing/altered pieces of clothing as a base for their design. Students do not have to make a whole outfit, they can make part of an outfit. Students can make outfits for themselves to model or use someone else as their model. 


The Catwalk program requires students to attend several meetings during the design period.  Students are offered opportunities for independent studio time at Resource Depot and one-on-one designer meetings with our teaching artist(s) are offered on first-come/first-serve basis during these studio times for guidance.  We will also have virtual resources to help students in the process. 


This year we are making two ways for students to participate in the program.


Option One:  $25 application fee

Great of students that have participated in the Catwalk program in previous years an have experience making outfits and would like to work from home with minimal assistance.  Students receive a REuser Pass for 10 visits/bins to collect materials from Resource Depot for their design.  They still are required to attend any mandatory meetings to check in with their work and the final Runway show. They would have opportunities to get feedback when needed, but would primarily not be attending the open studio times. 

Option Two:  $75 (+ $25 application fee)

For those who have not participated in Catwalk before and/or have little to no experience and require regular guidance in the making process. In the 5-6 studio intensives, students will learn the basics of the sewing machine, use of patterns, how to take measurements, alter pre existing clothing, and learn to upcycle strange items.  Each of the studio intensives are held on Saturday mornings at Resource Depot and are lead by an artist in residence over the course of the program (January - April). While all students will be given time to work on their design during these intensives, students must anticipate the need to work at home on some aspects of their outfit to ensure completion by the Runway. Students receive a REuser Pass for 10 visits/bins to collect materials from Resource Depot for their design.  

This program is funded in part by support from the Cultural Council for Palm Beach County which allows us to keep the costs as low as possible for participants.  No other fees will apply to this program, but if a student requires items for their outfit that we do not have, the parents/guardian may need to purchase items outside of Resource Depot. 

Please look through the dates below before applying as this program

 is a rewarding experience, but also a time commitment

and has mandatory meeting requirements for participation.



MANDATORY MEETING - Saturday, January 14, 2023 - 10am-11pm via Zoom

MANDATORY MEETING - Saturday, January 28, 2023 - 2pm-4pm at Norton Museum of Art

Led by Norton Education staff, students will tour Norton Museum of Art for inspirational content and be matched with their artwork to be referenced for their completed design.


  • Saturday, February 4:  10am - 11:30am

  • Saturday, February 11:  10am - 11:30am

  • Saturday, March 4:  10am - 11:30am

  • Saturday, March 11:  10am - 11:30am 

  • Saturday, April 1:  10am - 11:30am 

MANDATORY MEETING - Saturday, March 4 - 10am - 11:30am at Resource Depot

All students must bring outfit in-progress and outfit descriptions are due.

MANDATORY DRESS REHERSAL - April 15th at Norton Museum of Art - 3pm (should only take and hour or so)

RUNWAY EVENT - Friday, April 21, 2023 - 4 - 6:30 pm arrival.

Must be there no later than 7pm. 

Runway starts at 8pm Norton Museum of Art during Art After Dark.

GALLERE EXHIBITION - Outfits on display in Resource Depot's GalleRE -April 26 - May 13, 2023

GALLERE RECEPTION - Friday, May 13 - 10am - 1pm

Closing Reception to celebrate the students work and outfits are returned to students.

Ready to commit and be creative?

Please complete the form below.  Payment of the $25 program fee will be required after the form is submitted to complete your application. If you select Option Two, your payment for the $75 fee will be invoiced and due prior to the first studio meeting.

To request a fee waiver form, please email Chelsea.

If you have any questions please call or email Chelsea at   

Catwalk Registration 
Please keep in mind, planning, drawing and even writing are involved in this process, is the student willing to do those things?
The challenge is to work with a certain amount of upcycled materials. Is the student willing to work with strange materials?
Would the student like to work in a group? Please keep in mind they would need to be comfortable working close to one another.
Have you particpated in Catwalk before?
Student must come up with their own design, can the student do that?
You agree to release your design for display Resource Depot's April/May Gallery exhibition?
Would you like to attend workshop days in the option two of the program? This will be an extra $75 dollars, an invoice will be sent after our 1st meeting.