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 Friday, January 20, 2023  -  5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Artist Opening Reception

Saturday, January 28, 2023  -  12 pm - 2 pm 

Family Workshop

Saturday,  February 4, 2023  -  12 pm - 2 pm

Artist Adult Workshop

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The 5th Annual Waste to Wonder group show features 19 artists who transformed found objects from Resource Depot’s “Warehouse of Wonder” that sparked their individual curiosity and became inspiration for new works of art for this exhibition.  These artists, like the thousands of teachers, artists and families who, for the last two decades, have relied on Resource Depot as a source of diverse materials to enrich, inform, and inspire creativity through ReUSE. Come see what they created!

Click through the participating artists below to find out more about them

Participating Artists
Glen Barefoot
Amy Broderick

Alicia Jane Boswell
Gregory Dirr
Johanna Fox
Dina Fesler
Stephen Germana
Mary Glazier
Autumn Kioti
Sarah Knudtson
Kaila Loos
Batia Lowenberg
Anna Monteiro
Quimetta Perle
Megan Pinto
Debra Robert
Ellen Sall
Kim Spivey
Mark Walnock

Funded in part by:
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40% of artwork sales goes to support our education programs. For information on purchasing a piece please contact
Chelsea Odum - 

GalleRE Hours:

Tuesdays - Thursdays:  11 am - 5 pm  |   Saturdays:  9 am- 2 pm


*Also open during special events.

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