Connecting Classrooms to Creativity.

We invite schools to connected with us and our GalleRE exhibitions so students have the chance to see artwork from local artists and engage in hands-on making.

Generous support from funders and corporate sponsorship has enabled us to provide a limited number of GalleRE stARTer kits at no cost to eligible classroom teachers for each GalleRE exhibition we host.  Each kit is designed to be a companion to the GalleRE theme and work and can be applied to K-12 curriculum content.  All kits will have a virtual gallery tour, lesson plan, access to interviews with artists and upcycled supplies (some tools or consumables will be needed, like scissors and glue). While kits are intended for one student, they have the potential to serve more than one student.

Available Kits:

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UNTIL 2023

Waste to Wonder Kit

This wonderful box of Random!  Our Waste to Wonder kit is an open ended collection of random reusable supplies, meant to spark the imagination and have endless possibilities. Much like the Artists in Waste to Wonder, students will be given supplies and problem solve what to make with it. Each kit has different items, but most kits include cardboard tubes, CDs, wood pieces, foam, beads, colored paper, string, little doodads and such. Students can build, assemble, craft, make art, and is great for STEAM programs. Due to small objects in the kits, we recommend this kit for students 2nd grade and up.

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Catwalk Kit

This fun Kit full of fabric and wall paper samples is waiting to be turned into mini fashion designs. By taking inspiration from our students designers in our Catwalk exhibition, your students can create with the provided materials and invent their own mini designs to showcase. This kit is made to be open for the students to use their own imagination and is suitable for 2nd grade and up.  Middle and high schoolers would also enjoy this. 

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Birds of Flight Collage

Inspired by Resource Depot’s fall1 GalleRE exhibition “Flight Patterns: 2°C the work of Autumn Kioti”, this kit all about learning about the birds in your neighborhood and making your very own bird with collaged feathers from a variety of our wonderful reused colorful papers. Included in the kit is a lesson plan, video link to view the exhibition and artist talk, several bird and feather shaped templates, file folder for bird cut out, lots of colorful paper, and a glue stick. Great project for 6 years old and up as students must be able to use scissors. 

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Miniature Spaces Kit

Based on the solo Exhibition “It’s So nice To See You” by local artist Caitlin Frown, this kit gives youth the frame work for a house or space for their imagination to run wild in creating the inside of this mini structure.  It could be their dream house, veterinary office, fire station, or whatever they want. Precut template of a house creates four rooms when assembled, and students may use a variety of repurposed material that lend themselves to making furniture and such which are included! The structure if not glued together, can come apart and fold flat for storing to play with later. This project is wonderful for all ages, but 6 years old and younger may need to create with an adult.

This opportunity is available to any Title 1 Palm Beach County School teacher, K-12 through a simple application process.  To apply, each school can request up to 30 kits.  Kits will be awarded on a 1st come basis while supplies last. School must submit a minimum 5 images of student creations to be added to our online gallery for every 10 boxes received. 

Kits will be delivered to your school or can be picked up from our location in West Palm Beach. 


If eligible, please fill out the form below. By filling out this form, it is not a guarantee you will receive kits. We will do our best to make sure they are equally distributed. You can also be on the list for when have new kits available to be contacted. 

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