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Each of the 22 artists found objects in Resource Depot’s “Warehouse of Wonder” that sparked their individual curiosity and became inspiration for a new work of art for this exhibition.  These artists, like the thousands of teachers, artists and families who, for the last 20 years, have relied on Resource Depot to find diverse materials to enrich, inform, and inspire creativity through ReUSE.


The exhibition also features an eclectic emporium of donated “curiosities” - small collections of unique objects which, like today’s museums, tell stories about the oddities and “stuff” we consume.  What do objects in our lives reveal about our values, our culture and ourselves?

Participating Artists

Paul Barker                        Glen Barefoot              Amy Broderick  Orlando Chiang  
Mei-Hui Goette 
Isabel Gouveia 
Shawn Henderson              Nichole Hickey                    Nick Kakavas                      Tina Kraft                 

Cynthia Maronet

Hilary Pulitzer

Nadine Saitlin

Elle Schorr

Michelle Sherman

Carol Staub

Emily Steele

Mark Walnock

Karla Walter
Elaine Weslowski
Eleanor Woolems

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