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About the Artists

Paul Head SHot.jpg

Paul Barker   

A Professional art teacher in Palm Beach County for over 20 years in both private and public education.

Mr. Barker is currently a sculpture and ceramics teacher at Bak Middle School of the Arts. 

As a member of the Palm Beach County Art Teachers Association he has participated and shown with PBCATA in many shows throughout the years in various locations.
"My favorite style of art involves assemblage pieces with either rusted metal or old wood pieces.  I like the ware of age and patinas that only time develops." 
The found object pieces I selected for this show were all old construction tools or wood scraps that remind me of a simpler time and of the stories my mom would tell me about the farm she grew up on.  


Glen Head Shot.jpg

Glen Barefoot  

I consider myself an artist first and an educator second. I have been making art my entire life but it wasn’t until I was around 15 years old that I considered myself an artist. When I look back at my life I realize that making has always been a part of me, the way I see things, the way I think and the way I respond to objects around me. I have been making “functional” art since I was in high school and I find that functional and utilitarian objects bring me the most challenge and joy. Not only do they have to be thought provoking but they also need to have a use or appearance of use in their final presentation. I loved the idea and process of taking these discarded items and bringing a new life and purpose to them.


Amy Head Shot.jpg

Amy Broderick   

Amy Broderick is Associate Professor of Drawing and Painting and Head of the Foundations Program at Florida Atlantic University.  Her creative practice encompasses studio production, art writing, excellence in teaching, and academic leadership.  She uses the processes of drawing and paper construction to explore the methods we humans use to locate ourselves relative to our physical and information environments.  Amy has won numerous awards for teaching and scholarly activity, including the Award for Excellence and Innovation in Undergraduate Teaching (FAU), Master Teacher Award (FAU), Honors Faculty Fellowship (FAU), Florida Individual Artist Fellowship, South Florida Cultural Consortium Fellowship for Visual and Media Artists, and National Council of Arts Administrators Emerging Art Administrator Fellowship.  She has exhibited her drawing-based work nationally and internationally, published scholarly articles in national publications, and served on the boards of national arts organizations. 


Orlando Head Shot.jpg

Orlando Chiang   

The skill and inspiration for Orlando Chiang’s sculptural work derives from many organic sources. His formal training and career are in physical therapy. As such, he remains a life-long student of anatomy—especially the skeleton or, as it’s known in sculpture, the armature. 
His training in painting, drawing and sculpture has taken him on a path from representational to metaphoric ruminations on the meaning of life. His initial artwork featured a straightforward, literal focus on the human figure. More recently, the figure is implied: he creates installations in which the human form of the viewer completes the work.
Chiang was born in Chile of Chinese parents. He attended Catholic school, yet now is a practicing Buddhist. That breadth of exposure and connection helps fuel the desire to express his views concerning the human condition. It also bred in him an appreciation for layers of meaning. Even Chiang’s choice of material hints at a work’s meaning, if only to suggest that everything is not as it appears. His intent is to provoke a spectrum of reactions, to nurture the diverse mix that has helped to shape him as an artist. 


Mei Head shot.jpg

Mei-Hui Goette    

Mei-Hui Goette is a Taiwanese-American Artist who first studied porcelain art painting in Switzerland, and she now pursues a career as a contemporary paper collage and oil painting. Mei-Hui divides her time between the USA-Europe-Taiwan, where she maintains studios.

Mei-Hui has exhibited her art work at the Armory Art Center, Florida, The Plein Air Artists Group, Florida and the Wintergarten Art Gallery, Switzerland.



Isabel Head Shot.jpg

Isabel Gouveia    

Isabel Gouveia is a painter and printmaker, working with etchings and digital printer manipulations. Her practices lie with errors and default appropriations, and also subverting processes, using intuition and chance to create art. Her research is focused on the changing landscape, environmental awareness and to the more recent effects of globalization, due to the impacts of accelerated entropy.

The Artist was born in Brazil and lives and works in Lake Worth, FL. She graduated as an Industrial Designer from the Arts Foundation Armando Alvares Penteado, in São Paulo and received MFA from Florida Atlantic University, FL. Gouveia was recently awarded: The South Florida Cultural Consortium Fellowship 2017; Best in Show for the 54st Annual Juried Exhibition at Masur Art Museum, Monroe, LA, a solo exhibition BYPRODUCTS and residency at IS Projects, Fort Lauderdale, FL and the participation at 20th Biennial International de Arte de Cerveira, Portugal.


Shawn Head Shot.jpg

Shawn Henderson    

Shawn Riddle Henderson was born in Los Angeles, and was raised in a creative household during a period of artistic renaissance in southern California. Her father, John T. Riddle, Jr. was an accomplished artist (sculptor, painter, printmaker) who exposed her to a variety of art media from a very early age. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Education from Emory University, a Master of Fine Arts from Florida Atlantic University and a Master of Science in Psychological Studies from Nova Southeastern University.

Shawn Henderson is a guidance counselor at Bak Middle School of the Arts in West Palm Beach, Florida, where she taught drawing, painting, ceramics and sculpture for 14 years. As an artist and an educator, Ms. Henderson believes that there is a direct correlation between arts education and academic achievement. She also believes that the inherent healing power of the creative process of art leads to self-awareness, stress reduction and restorative healing. This philosophy guides her in her work teaching art therapy. A practicing artist, Ms. Henderson paints and sculpts at her home studio in Florida. Her work, which has been exhibited locally and statewide, has received numerous awards and recognition.   


Nichole Head SHot.jpg

Nichole Hickey    

In the art world for 18 years. Again trying my hand at what my hands usually curate.


Nick  Head shot.jpg

Nick Kakavas     

Nicholas Kakavas received his BFA in sculpture from the University of Montana. His work focuses on exploring identity, connecting the “ideal” with the reality of “self.” His studio practice emphasizes process, blending photography, mold making and ceramic surface decoration into a three dimensional space.

For the show I used slip cast molds that were found at the Resource depot. 


Tina Head Shot.jpg

Tina Kraft     

Tina Kraft has been living in South Florida for the last three decades. She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Florida Atlantic University. In 2010, she moved to New York City to study painting and drawing with Graham Nickson and received a Master of Fine Arts degree from The New York Studio School. Since returning to her home in Florida, she has focused her attention on painting the surrounding landscape. Her work has been included in various group shows in New York, California, and Florida.


Cynthia  Head shot.jpg

Cynthia Maronet   

Living in Palm Beach County for the last 40 years, I have enjoyed a wide variety of experiences.


From owning several businesses, returning to school for interior design only to discover I am an artist, teaching teenagers at the Armory Art Center, renovating my home and offices, traveling with a creative cluster of friends to paint the landscape in North Carolina, Maine, Italy, and South Florida, learning from Master Artists, exhibiting my work in group and solo exhibitions at the Cultural Council of Palm Beach County, the Armory Art Center, the Norton Museum of Art, the Cornell Museum…. ART always seems to weave itself into my life.


Hillary Head Shot.jpg

Hilary Pulitzer  

The ocean is my inspiration. French Ultramarine blue mixed with Viridian as a base and then add all the colors that can be reflected in the light. Having spent decades living and working on boats I attempt to capture some of my experience in oil on canvas. The drama, the serenity, the dangers and the moments of joy are all part of the most important element of our planet. 


Nadine Head shot.jpg

Nadine Saitlin 

My gallery representation includes, Emerge Gallery, Saugerties NY, FL CraftArts, St. Petersburg, FL, and DH International Gallery, Georgia. This past year I received first place prizes on my Gourd Art at the JCC Bi-Annual Exhibition, and NAWA Small Works Show, NY, and third place at the Boca Raton Museum Artist Guild. National shows 1917-18 include Spectrum at Art Basel, Art Expo N.Y., 27th Annual All Florida Juried Art Show, and a 2 person show at Palm Beach State College.


As an art educator I developed school materials at the CEMREL Laboratory, MO, designed an Artist-In-Residence program, was an Associate Professor of Art at Chicago State University, and Executive Director of the Illinois Alliance of Arts Education.


My under graduate degree is from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and I have two post graduate master degrees from University of Illinois, Champaign, and Michigan State University, East Lansing.


Elle Head shot.jpg

Elle Schorr 

Elle Schorr is an artist and independent curator living and working in Lake Worth, Florida. She is known for her single exposure/multiple perspective urban reflective photography. She has created and leads an ongoing monthly series of Art Salons at the Armory Art Center in West Palm Beach, focusing on influential South Florida artist lectures that explore how individual art practices relate to the broader world of contemporary conceptual art. They include in depth discussions with the artists that explore the practical side of being an artist, networking and the sharing of useful resources.



Michelle Head Shot.jpg

Michelle Sherman 

Michelle Sherman grew up in South Florida where she currently lives and works as an art educator. She earned an M.A. in Art Education from the University of Florida, and she primarily uses watercolor, acrylic and graphite. 


Carol Head shot.jpg

Carol Staub

Carol Staub was born and raised in Milford, Delaware.  Upon retiring from a 26 year career in the airline industry she pursued her interest in silversmithing and fabricated award winning one of a kind pieces of jewelry.  Her entry into the “painting” world came when a friend coerced her to take a watercolor class.  She has been painting ever since and hasn’t looked back.  She finds her inspiration from nature and all life’s experiences along the way.  Having been born in a rural area her senses are keen and appreciative of the simple things in life.  This has enabled her to express herself freely and with great warmth.  She is a signature member of the American Watercolor Society, San Diego Watercolor Society, Florida Watercolor Society, International Society of Experimental Artists, The National Association of Women Artists (past board member), Texas Watercolor Society, Catherine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club, International Society of Acrylic Painters and many others. Her works have been featured in many books and magazines some of which include, Masters of Today, International Contemporary Artist, Creative Genius, The Artist’s Magazine, Acrylic Artist Magazine, Watercolor Magazine and many others.  She has received numerous National and International awards.  She works and resides in Port Saint Lucie, Florida.  



Emily Head shot.jpg

Emily Steele

Emily is a native of West Palm Beach, FL. She is an alumni of Dreyfoos School of the Arts and the Rhode Island School of Design. She fell in love with color early on in her art education and continues to explore the use of color in her work. She works predominately as a painter and uses her artwork to examine femininity, identity and her own surroundings. In addition to her own artwork Emily is passionate about teaching young people about art and expressing their own ideas with art. She has worked as a teaching artist for many local and national art organizations.  Emily is currently a faculty member at Bak Middle School of the Arts where she teaches Visual Art.



Mark Head SHot.jpg

Mark Walnock

Mark Walnock, Director of Ceramics and Sculpture, Armory Art Center
Mark has a BFA with honors in Ceramics from the University of the Arts in PA. He has worked as an instructor and studio manager for various arts organizations including Penland School of Crafts, Thompson Park Craft Center, Burlington County Community College, and Long Beach Island Foundation of the Arts and Sciences in NJ. He has exhibited his work nationwide and at invitational shows in London and Japan. 



Karla Head shot.jpg

Karla Walter

Karla pursued her college career at the age of forty six. She attended Florida Atlantic University and graduated Summa Cum Laude in 2006, receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Ceramics. Karla is currently a working artist and also serves as the Art Gallery Specialist for Palm Beach State College in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, where she coordinates and curates exhibitions.



Head shot and before items.jpg

Elaine Weslowski

Through the generosity of my friend who has encouraged all my artistic endeavors, I have taken many classes at the Armory Art Center.  For many years I hand painted glassware for boutique shops which became very stressful and very time consuming.  Taking up the potter’s wheel enabled me to have a creative outlet without the strain of meeting schedules and deadlines. 


My pottery has evolved into “yard art”. I love making water fountains, birdbaths, sconces and orchid pots.  Most of my pottery is for me and I give away a lot of pottery to my friends, but I have sold several pieces at the Student Shows at the Armory Art Center.


My piece for this exhibit comes from the love of the Florida outdoors.  I hope you enjoy the piece of recycled art as much as I have enjoyed making it.  



Eleanor Head Shot.jpg

Eleanor Woolems

A native of Palm Beach County, Eleanor Woolems has had a mission to create art all her life. Graduating Summa cum Laude in 2015 from Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton. She has studied all over the world in the quest to acquire the knowledge to support her dream.

In 2017-Study and showing work at Ballinglen Arts Foundation, Co. Mayo. Ireland, Three Pines studio in Cross Village, MI. and Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia, PA. Her repertoire of studies include working in clay and sculpture with found objects and with artist James Surles at Anderson Ranch in Aspen, CO. Including Drawing and Watercolor studies at Christ Church in Oxford, England.

“I am interested in exploring the process relating to self-understanding and patterns of familiarity as an expression of growth, delight and illumination.  I search intuitively and impulsively looking for complex and synchronistic, arrangements, patterns and shapes. Always keeping in mind of the learned process of oil paint, objects, color and design to create art.”

In October-November 2018 The Cultural Council of Palm Beach County had a showing of her paintings, watercolors and monotypes.



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