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K-2nd Grade Virtual REsources

See below for environmentally friendly activities and ideas geared toward K-2nd graders. 
We encourage you to use upcycled materials for the activities below, as we strongly believe in minimizing our environmental impact through material reuse. If you don't have any materials to upcycle at home, please come by Resource Depot to pick some up!

Hands-on Activities

Fabric Pumpkin.jpg
Upcycle fabric, plastic bags and wine corks to make these decorative fabric pumpkins for fall!
Make your very own animal ears inspired by your favorite Zootopia characters! Upcycle a headband and various types of paper for this fun activity.
Upcycle plastic bottles and plastic bags to make this fun jellyfish decoration for your house!
Make your very own board game, and use upcycled bottle caps, cork, or other items to create your pieces!
Have you ever thought about what
happens to t-shirts when they no longer fit? They often end up in the trash. Let's upcycle one into a super hero cape instead!
Connie bottle htings.jpg
Gather bottle caps, old newspaper, a plastic bottle, a pipe cleaner, a feather. Whatever
you can find, to make your very own litter bug!
Egg Crate Finale.jpg
Egg cartons are often made from Styrofoam, a type of plastic that is not recyclable here in Palm Beach County. So let's upcycle them into some pretty flowers. 
Let's upcycle egg crates or egg cartons and bottle caps to make a fun game. 
This form of quilling uses upcycled strips of paper that can be rolled, curled, twisted & glued to make exciting forms of artwork or additions to already beautiful pieces of art.
Upcycle fabric and Velcro or buttons to make this fashionable sloth bracelet while learning a little about our slow-moving friends. 
Make your own game where you try to catch a button in a frog's mouth! Upcycle toilet paper rolls, yarn, and buttons or bottle caps.
Upcycle a variety of plastic containers to make your very own musical instrument!
Connie Collage4.JPG
Using old newspapers and magazines, collage together some hilarious faces while also learning a little about deforestation. 
Janice yarn finale k-2.jpg
Resource Depot receives a lot of donated yarn. What can we do with donated yarn? So much! With this simple weaving activity, you can make some great decorations. 
bird nest final.jpg
Learn about birds and their habitats before making an adorable bird's nest using upcycled plastic, egg cartons, and scraps of paper
Items made out of plastic do not break down so they can last for hundreds of years. It is very important to recycle our plastic! But before we do, let's reuse it with this game. 
Spinner final.jpg
Plastic ends up everywhere! Before we recycle it, let's give it a second life by upcycling plastic lids and Styrofoam to create a fun spinner!
Learn how to make a Tissue Box Puppet Theater from reusable materials you have around the house....or can get with a visit Resource Depot!
Janice petrotic decorations.jpg
There are many opportunities in America to celebrate patriotism! Instead of buying new decorations, why not make them from upcycled materials?

Read-along story and activities

Chelsea from Resource Depot reads "Apricot ABC" by Miska Miles with an easy natural science lesson idea at the end.
005 - 17.jpg
Chelsea from Resource Depot reads "The Curious Garden" by Peter Brown. After the reading, collect some seeds and grow your own garden!
Super New Girl.jpg
Join Resource Depot's Teaching Artist Janet Lifshin read her book "Adventures of Super New Girl" illustrated by one of our other Teaching Artists, Shirley Rose!
Screen Shot 2020-04-20 at 11.08.48 PM.png
Resource Depot's Teaching Artist Connie Riblet-Hill read "Adventures of a Plastic Bottle" by Alison Inches. Afterwards make your own creation out of a Plastic Bottle. 
Resource Depot's Teaching Artist Connie reads "Michael Recycle" Written by Ellie Bethel, Afterwards make your own super hero!
Resource Depot's Teaching Artist Connie reads "Micheal Recycle Meets Litterbug Doug" by Ellie Bethel, Afterwords make your own upcycled item.
Let's read"Micheal Recycle and The Tree Top Cops" by Ellie Bethel. Learn about the importance of trees and why we should help protect them. Afterwards make your own up-cycled paper project
adventures of an aluminum can.jpg
Let's read "The Adventures of an Aluminum Can: A Story About Recycling" By Alison Inches. Afterwards turn a can into a stamp and make some artwork, before you recycle it!
From Trash to Treasure.jpg
Resource Depot's Teaching Artist Shirley Rose as she reads "From Trash To Treasure" by Liza Alexander.
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