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Paper Plaiting

This kit is inspired by the talented artist, Amy Broderick who uses forgotten photographs, discarded office supplies, found atlases, and more to create complex paper compositions. Drawing inspiration from Amy’s intricately hand-woven pieces, individuals will learn the basic of paper plaiting and apply them to create wonderful pieces of art. These unique creations can be functional or decorative, simple or complex, all depending on the skill level of the creator. Each kit includes several pieces of upcycled paper products in varying sizes, from calendar images to maps, and plain or patterned paper. Additionally, kits come with upcycled buttons, pull tabs, beads, ribbon, yarn and donated skewers. There are enough materials in the kit to create multiple woven art pieces, depending on their size and complexity!

View the photos below to see some of the incredible creations students have made with our kits! The possibiolities are endless. 

Project Gallery

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