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Artist Jade Henderson presents his sculptural and site-specific installation work which manipulates everyday – and often over-looked – items in surprising ways.  Creating a compelling juxtaposition of different styles, materials and  approaches,  Henderson points towards our throwaway consumer culture, our relationship to nature through the duality of decay and growth, and our need to create meaning in our lives through a manipulated reality of the “stuff” found in it.

About the Artist

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Jade Henderson 

Jade Henderson is an Independent Artist & working in a variety of media. His work is centered on man’s relationship to his environment yet encompasses many different themes and ideas such as the interaction of nature and society, habitation & exploration of spaces, personal & cultural histories, the passage of time, perception, duality, growth & decay, light, shadow & movement. These ideas and threads come together in many different forms through the manipulation of mixed media installations, photography, video, sculptural works, & drawing and painting.


Henderson is a graduate of the Kansas City Art Institute's Interdisciplinary department

Currently working as the 3D Art teacher at Conniston Middle School.


Funded in part by:
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