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Thinking Outside the [cardboard] Box
August 17 - October 19, 2019

"Thinking Outside the Box” was a group show, were all the artists were given the same initial foundation (a box) for their piece of art. We asked all artist to think about growth, change, and transition as they created. 60 identical boxes were handed out to the community, 31 artists ended up contributing, and this show is a result of that open call to create. 

Participating Artists

Irma G. Best

Nadine Bhebe
Amy S. Broderick
Susan M. Brown
Evelyn Cabanas
Christine Ellinghausen
Caitlin Frown
Stephen Germana
Jennifer Love Gironda
Sarah Gualtieri
Sharon Halupka White
Jade Henderson
Jean Howard
Maryann Kolenchak

Sharon Koskoff
Sarah K. Knudtson
Lisa Kraus
April Krebs
Michael S. Laurito
Vivian Loretto
Sarah Mayo
Louise Noaks
Chelsea Odum
Tonya Ricucci
Syd Rosenthal
Liana Russo
Pam Speers
Linda Stevenson
Elaine Weber
Barbara Ziev

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