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Printmaking Show Title. KimSpivy 11.2015 to 1.2016.jpg
November 16th, 2015 - January 7th, 2016

This body of work was inspired by the wide range of materials in the Resource Depot warehouse. Found: Inked focused on printmaking work by Kim Spivey, a local South Florida artist. In Spivey’s search for materials she looked for subtle textures that would hold ink well or make for an interesting embossment. She looked for materials that could be a matrix, like a record or sheet of foam as well as pliable items that could easily be cut and manipulated, such as wallpaper samples and cassette tape.

The non-objective compositions of these prints focus on design elements such as line, texture, subtle color interactions, value and shape, with an interest in highlighting the unique inherent characteristics of these materials.

About The Artist
K. Spivy head shot.jpg

Kim Spivey is an artist living and working in South Florida. Spivey is a graduate from Florida Atlantic University with an MFA in painting and a BFA in printmaking.

Spivey spent the summer of 2016 at Zea Mays Printmaking in Florence, MA where she completed a certificate program of green printmaking in intaglio. Spivey has applied what she learned at Zea Mays to her own studio where she is set up to create without the use of solvents or tar based materials commonly found in traditional printmaking studios. 


Spivey’s work seeks out beauty that is found from deep observation. Her inspiration derives from the range of subtleties, intricacies, and fluidities found within the materials she works with. She pairs the complexities found within nets, looped lines, plant life, and the negative spaces around them with loose fields of ink. Coupling the concrete with the variable that inhabits each piece.  Spivey explores the flux that can be found in the intricate nature of mark making and in her work she seeks out how a fixed object can suggest and become a record of movement. 

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