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A Juried Group Exhibition

Exhibition Dates

March 14, 2024 - April 27, 2024


Deadline to Apply - December 17, 2023

Call to Create

We are looking for around 10-12 artist/makers to create artwork out of upcycled materials that lights up or incorporates light. The end product could be a functional lamp, chandelier, or light fixture, but it could also be a 2D or 3D art piece that uses/emits light. Previous knowledge or work with electrical fixtures would be helpful, as these pieces must be safe to be on and in use. We aim for this exhibition to be an experience for the viewer and be a fun space to explore. Our GalleRE space is all about featuring artwork incorporating reused materials and we encourage any artist regardless of past experience with upcycled materials to apply. We just ask that they be open to working with alternative materials for this particular show. You never know you may love it! Accepted artists will have an opportunity to explore our Materials Marketplace to be inspired by our variety of normal and unusual donations to incorporate into their work.

After being accepted to participate, Resource Depot will provide all the artists with 2 complimentary bins/shopping experiences to our Materials Marketplace for sourcing of their materials. We also will provide a base light fixture that could be used, but not required (See picture below)75 W Max. We have about 33 of these for use by chosen artists.  

Please read through the requirements to apply below before submitting the application at the bottom of this page.

It is strongly encouraged to check past exhibitions before you complete your application.

Light fixture.jpg


  • Deadline for artist to apply December 17th by 12 pm EST

  • Artist will be notified about participation by December 21st

  • Artist may explore Resource Depot materials starting December 26th*

  • Artist to submit proposal/sketched January 22nd

  • Artist to submit photos of progress by February 12th

  • Final Artwork dropped off to Resource Depot March 4th -6th* 

  • Show Opening Reception - Friday, March 15th from 5-7pm in The GalleRE at Resource Depot

  • Family Workshop Saturday, April 13th (Open for an artist from exhibition to lead)

  • Adult Workshop Saturday, April 27th (Open for an artist from exhibition to lead)

  • Last Day the Show is open Saturday, April 27th - 9am-2pm

  • Pick up of Work Monday, April 29th - 9am-5pm (or will schedule with each individual artist) 
    *Open Hours: Tuesday - Thursday 11am-5pm & Saturday 9am-2pm (Closed Sunday, Monday and Friday)

Entry Requirements:  

  • New or established artist with quality body of artwork

  • Experience in electrical work a plus 

  • Completed application 

  • Openness to reuse materials 

  • Must be able to make a safe and functional lighted piece with good craftsmanship 


No restriction in the type of media used for artwork, we only ask that work must incorporate 70% or more reusable/repurposed/recycled/reclaimed content. You may use items that did not come from Resource Depot as well. Whatever media you choice, final product must incorporate light (preferably AC / DC powered, so batteries do not need to be replaced)

Work Size:  

No restrictions in size, but be respectful of the fact that this is a group show in a shared space. (please refer to "Our Space" section below). 


While we are open to artistic expression, we serve families and are a multi-use space & must make our GalleRe content suitable for that environment.  Resource Depot reserves the right to not display any work unsuitable for a younger audience.


Selection Process: 
All applications will be reviewed by a panel of 4-5 judges who are local artists and art professionals familiar with our mission. Judges will be looking to select artists that will add quality and variety while curating the exhibition.  We will seek variety in the types of artists we select. We are asking for a rough idea of what you might do for this exhibition, but we realize that it may not be the final product. This rough proposal will help us aim to have a variety in the types of pieces we might have. 


A commission of 40% of the selling price will be retained from all art sales. This includes those sold within 30 days of the close of the exhibit.  Price work accordingly.  Checks will be released for any sales within
7-10 business days of exhibition closing dates to the attention of artist at the address provided. Artist may opt to have the entirety of the sale be donated. To learn more about what we do:

Our Space:

Our GalleRE is about 20’ X 20’ with 3 movable gallery walls, so the size does flex from one show to the next. The space has three

6' x 6' windows, which provide excellent natural light as well as a wonderful space to exhibit in. Our GalleRE has two white concrete walls and two movable drywall walls (8' x 8' each). For the concrete walls and the window spaces we have a track system for hanging, which just requires artwork to have two high positioned D-rings on the back for hanging. A selection of white pedestals are available for 3D works. We have raw grey concrete floors to act as a blank canvas for emerging artists. Our Space is open air to a warehouse ceiling that is 19'. For less color interference, the GalleRE track lighting has daylight LED bulbs. 

We have glass double doors that measure 82" x 69" to enter our building so items must fit through them. Outside our building we have a ramp allowing for easy unloading/loading of larger artwork, the ramp width is 4'. 

Up-cycle App
Apply for Illumination
Have you been to Resource Depot?
Do you reuse within your art already?
Are you willing to make a piece with reused material for this show even if you have never done that before?
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Deadline to apply has passed.

Send any question to:

Chelsea Odum Director of Education & Artist Relations at

With Support From:
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GalleRE Hours:

Tuesdays  - Thursdays:  11 am - 5 pm  |  Saturdays:  9 am - 2 pm

*Also open during special events*

The GalleRE at Resource Depot supports and exhibits local and regional artists that incorporate the reuse of materials into various art forms, elevating creative reuse and upcycling as a relevant art medium. Our GalleRE Program educates and engages our community while promoting new ways of thinking about art and the environment through educational stARTer program kits, workshops and discussions.

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