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Give to Resource Depot's
2023 Earth Day Campaign

April 1 - April 22, 2023


It's time to show Your Mama some love.

Like every smart aleck-y kid, we need a good swift kick in the pants from MAMA EARTH. 

The Earth Day Campaign is a reminder to clean up our act or we'll find ourselves in deep doo-doo.

Not up for a beach clean-up?  Come to a Happy [EARTH DAY] Hour instead.

To celebrate Earth Day and Mother’s Day, Resource Depot is rolling out our adored Love Your Mama annual campaign! Our mission to SAVE MAMA is YOUR mission, and needs your action, funding, and support. 


This year we are inviting you to join us on Earth Day for a fun-draiser happy hour in celebration of our Mama Earth.  Your $20 donation comes with some fun trivia to with some Resource Depot swag - and of course your first beer is on us!

RSVP for Happy [EARTH DAY] Hour

at Steam Horse Brewing Co. on Saturday, April 22 from 5-7pm

Pledge $8 bucks on Earth Day.

Earth Day is the perfect reminder to support an environmental cause, and there's no better way to honor MAMA EARTH the easy way than by giving Resource Depot the other kind of green.

Here's why giving $8 a month to Resource Depot does your Mama some good.

Every day is ENF. day

Our cause, ENF (as in ENF. is Enough), is a manifesto of social and environmental practices that shift consumer culture from convenience to respect, healing our land and water as well as our relationship to the planet.

Read the manifesto and take your stand.

MAMA says enough is ENF.

Let's be nice to our MAMA.  Give it up for her.

Monthly giving starts at just $8 a month yet fuels the creative reuse education and outreach efforts of our entire organization.

With your gift we will email you the 2023 ENF. Manifesto Playbook - your fun-packed tool-kit for living ENF - and some cool digital stickers to post and share wherever digital exists.

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