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Give the Gift of Green

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Become an Infinity Investor of Resource Depot

Infinity Monthly Giving starts at just $8 a month yet fuels creative reuse education and outreach efforts of our entire organization year-round.

  • Infinity

    Every month
  • Infinity Blue

    Every month
  • Infinity Green

    Every month

Payment automatically renews each month/year. Cancel at anytime to stop recurring payments.

Join our cause as a monthly donor, or give a one-time gift amount of your choice today.  

Even a small amount makes a BIG difference.

mama says:  thank you

With your monthly gift we will email you the 2023 ENF. Manifesto Playbook, your fun-packed tool-kit for living ENF

Give a Gift



Thank You!

Monthly giving not your thing? Give a one-time gift here.

Your gift means you believe in the power of creating, expressing, and innovating with what already exists.

All donations directly benefit our arts & education programs. 

Here's why investing in Resource Depot makes cents.

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