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May 29, 2020 - July 24, 2020

Artist Statement


My work explores our human quest to use record keeping - especially in its material form as pages and files - to bring the wilds of the universe into order - to describe or name them into submission. Ultimately, I am obsessed with our obsession to engage in this practice, and I am committed to celebrating the ultimate entropy or outright futility of this quest. Data driven records are tools that we humans use to bring order out of chaos. This work embodies my interest in the materiality of records - the data point itself, the page itself, the file itself. What discoveries are possible when the quest for understanding intersects with the limits of our ability to describe and name? What specific dreams and discoveries are possible at this point of intersection? How is the flush of feverish discovery tempered by the methodical process of documentation? How can we hone our descriptions of the wondrous so they may provide portals from our quiet offices toward indescribable bliss?

About the Artist

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Amy Broderick is Associate Professor of Drawing and Painting and Head of the Foundations Program at Florida Atlantic University.  Her creative practice encompasses studio production, art writing, excellence in teaching, and academic leadership.  She uses the processes of drawing and paper construction to explore the methods we humans use to locate ourselves relative to our physical and information environments.  Amy has won numerous awards for teaching and scholarly activity, including the Award for Excellence and Innovation in Undergraduate Teaching (FAU), Master Teacher Award (FAU), Honors Faculty Fellowship (FAU), Florida Individual Artist Fellowship, South Florida Cultural Consortium Fellowship for Visual and Media Artists, and National Council of Arts Administrators Emerging Art Administrator Fellowship.  She has exhibited her drawing-based work nationally and internationally, published scholarly articles in national publications, and served on the boards of national arts organizations. 


Funded in part by:
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