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Trees are Treasures

Why do we cut down so many trees? What are the impacts of using up this natural resource?

Embark on an eye-opening exploration of the relationship between trees, our environment, and the products we create. Join us in giving new purpose to used paper products by crafting your very own desk organizer for school or home!

With the rise of "The Amazon effect," the production and disposal of cardboard boxes have reached unprecedented levels. Recycling and upcycling these materials have become increasingly crucial. Our lesson aims to shed light on the impact of using trees as raw materials and provides actionable steps we can take to address this issue.

Each class outreach package includes a comprehensive lesson plan, an assortment of upcycled materials, a captivating class presentation, and step-by-step instructions to construct a functional desk organizer. These organizers are versatile and can be used at school or at home! With enough boxes to accommodate 30 students and an abundance of upcycled materials for creating compartments, everyone can participate in this exciting project.

You will likely have upcycled materials left over, which can be used for other creative endeavors, donated back to Resource Depot, or utilized in our complementary Trees are Treasures extension activity.

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