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Pervasive Plastic

What are the problems with single use plastics? What are our options to combat this issue?

Explore the devastating consequences of single-use plastic products and discover the power of upcycling as we transform plastic containers into vibrant and functional cash jars!

Plastic, with its everlasting presence, has become a pervasive threat to our health, the well-being of animals, and the planet itself. While recycling plays a vital role, it has its limitations, as plastic can only be recycled a finite number of times before it loses its structural integrity. It's time for us to reimagine the possibilities for plastic and seek more sustainable, long-lasting solutions.

Each class outreach package includes a comprehensive lesson plan, an assortment of upcycled materials, a captivating class presentation, and step-by-step instructions to construct a personalized cash jar. These jars serve as a practical tool for students to save money for themselves or make charitable contributions to environmentally conscious organizations.

With enough containers to accommodate 30 students and an abundant supply of upcycled materials to fuel their creativity, every student can actively participate in this inspiring project.

You will likely have upcycled materials left over, which can be used for other creative endeavors, donated back to Resource Depot, or utilized in our complementary Pervasive Plastic extension activity.

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