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May 17 — June 1, 2019

The outfits exhibited were created by students ranging from 5th-12th grade from a variety of schools in Palm Beach County. With almost two months worth of work and dedication on their weekends, the students made outfits from all sorts of alternative upcycled materials. Most of which you can find in our Materials Market Place. Catwalk  was a program originally started by Educational Gallery Group (EG2); this was Resource Depot’s first year taking over the program and we are so pleased to offer it to the community. Catwalk is open to any student interested in this “trashformation” challenge:  construct wearable art made from a variety of traditional and non-traditional materials. This program not only offers students the chance to be creative, but also to learned the basics of using a sewing machine, and construction techniques.  Through the use of non-traditional materials, the students gained environmental consciousness while thinking outside of the “trash”.  Keep your eyes out for the open call every year!

Catwalk 2019 Participants:

Marina Bayon

Emily Colaiuta

Jolie Copin

Devyn Humble

Tessa Janke

John Marr

Lilian Martinez

Mara Popa

Jade Shaw

Emma Smolenski`

Isabelle Tamboe

Chloe Tovar

Valentina Vera

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