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  Catwalk is a collaboration with Educational Gallery Group (EG2) in which students ranging from elementary to high school are given a “trashformation” challenge:  construct wearable art made from a variety of traditional and non-traditional materials. Students were given access to Resource Depot’s treasure trove of reusable materials and participated in weekly workshops, facilitated by EG2, where they learned the basics of using a sewing machine, construction techniques, and received guidance on how to incorporate the materials they choose.  Through the use of nontraditional materials, the students gained environmental consciousness while thinking outside of the “trash”.  This show is was selection of just some of the more than 20 designs completed this year. 

In Partnership with:
Funded in part by:
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Photos taken by Stephanie Chesler

Catwalk 2018 Participants:

Leila Augustin

Nicole Cappellino

Emily Colaiuta

Jolie Copin

Sophia Fraser

Devyn Humble

Emma Kaminski

Michael Laurito

Lauren Lewis

Savannah Mabie

Mia Palomba

Mara Popa

Chloe Reynolds

Lorelai Rice

Allison Sanchez

Ali Spector

Elan Warren

Graysen Williams

April 11th — May 16, 2018

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