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November 10 — December 23, 2017


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SURFACE was an exhibition of narrative prints made by Sammi McLean's Florida Atlantic University’s Printmaking  students. The selected works investigate the multi-faceted practice of printmaking through layering traditional woodcuts with collagraph plates constructed from materials found in Resource Depot’s Materials Marketplace.


The uniquely sculptural method of collagraph printmaking, encourages experimentation through reusing and recycling found textures of all types. As you travel through the exhibition, you can start to identify everything from string, to glue, to lace, to wall paper samples. Each student was tasked with evaluating the surface texture of their chosen materials, and how those various textures could be used as a vehicle to translate value and line.

Featured Artists

Noah James                           

Karleigh Ponnock                   

Josh Hofer                              

Maria Valdes                           

Jefferson Aguado                   

Tanner Trujillo                         

Ramsey Clevenger                

Amy Perez                              

Sasha Cornello                      

Denise Thompson                  

Maria Fernanda Landaeta     

E. Vitaley

Kaila Rutherford

Alexandra Valdes

Tricia Hall

Toni Lewis

Liz Hartman

Matthew Molinas

Isabella Addison

Kendra Wegner

Alexis Plaza

Isiah-Antonio Chambers

Kalina Dones

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