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Form Template

This internal page is for creating new forms on the website so that they have consistent formatting throughout. 

Step 1: Copy the form template below

Step 2: Paste the form template into your new page. This will create a new submission table.

Step 3: On your new page, click on the full form and select "Form Settings" then "Settings". Here, change the name of your form so it will accurately display the correct form title in the submissions table. 

Step 4: update/delete/copy + paste different fields from the template form fields specific to your form. Each field in the template has been fully formatted.

Step 5: if everything looks out of wack when you are done, click on the entire form, select "layout", and under "form layout" click on the 30px and press enter in both the space between rows and cells. Readjust as needed.

Form Template

This is the customizable thank you message

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