Preserving & protecting the environment...and educating others
on how to do the same.


Each year, we divert hundreds of thousands of pounds of reusable materials from the waste stream and get them into the hands of teachers, students, and nonprofit organizations that can use them...


In addition to shopping memberships for local teachers, nonprofits and families, Resource Depot brings cREative opportunities to the community through a myriad of outreach efforts.


One of these is focused projects funded by our generous grantors, in which we work with groups of students in our community, students who are most in need of expanded arts and environmental education, to complete special projects that help them in ways that the average school day cannot.Click each link to learn more!



Completed Grants


A number of our outreach programs are funded by grantmaking foundations. Current and upcoming programs are listed above.
Keep reading to learn about grant-funded projects completed in recent years.

Full STEAM Ahead


Funded by: Palm Beach County Cultural Council

Years: 2011-2014
Summary: Advancing science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics in schools.

The Full STEAM Ahead program is a group of arts and science based cultural organizations who, by joining forces, are able to bring the arts and sciences to students who would otherwise not have the opportunity for these experiences as part of their regular school programming. Community Outreach Specialist Alyx Kellington outlined the program’s goals in her article “Connecting Creativity, Innovation, & The Education System” in a nutshell as “to bring hands-on science programs to the school, provide arts integration with each lesson, and connect the relevancy of science to students’ lives, community, environment, and workforce.”

The Word: A "HOME" Based Community Art Residency


Funded by: Palm Beach County Cultural Council
Year(s): 2013
Partnering Organizations: Resource Depot, Divinity Dance, New Beginnings Child Development Center at Pleasant City Elementary, The Youth Empowerment Center (YEC) at Gaines Park.

Summary: A community of youth coming together to artistically explore the meaning of the word “home.”


Residency participants from New Beginnings Child Development Center at Pleasant City Elementary and from The Youth Empowerment Center (YEC) at Gaines Park, including some who were involved in the BLCTAC partnership, strengthening the community bonds already established. The elementary and middle school students involved are part of underserved and ethnically diverse communities who would not typically have an opportunity to participate in cultural residency projects. The HOME Project consisted of three weeks of hands-on artistic workshops to create  installation and artistic forms incorporating recycled materials from Resource Depot, dance and movement workshops with Sonja Kelly of Divinity Dance, and a collaborative poetry publication, culminating in a public performance on January 25, 2013. Auxiliary workshops and showcases of the completed works will continue beyond the debut performance to extend the message to an even greater part of Palm Beach County.

Building Learning Communities Through Arts & Culture (BLCTAC)


Funded by: Palm Beach County Cultural Council

Years: 2010-2011
Summary: Integrating arts, history, sociology and practical skills.


2011: BLCTAC Year 3
The 2011 year included field trips to the WXEL studios and Resource Depot, as well as several exciting special guests at the November 30th school premier of the movies. The classes were visited by legislators Bobby Powell and Al Jacquet and special guest Christine Christofek of Solid Waste Authority at the school premier. The public premier of the student-created movies occurred at the Downtown West Palm Beach Waterfront on December 8th during the city’s Sand and Sea-Sun’s Greetings festival. Many thanks and congratulations to everyone involved in making this year’s program a success.
Year 3 (2011) info


2010: BLCTAC Year 2
In year 2 of the BLCTAC grant, two classes of sixth grade student studying Mesopotamia and the Fertile Crescent worked with Ms. O’Brien to create a life-size installation exhibit visually comparing and contrasting the geographical region and culture from 3,000 years ago to modern times (present day Iraq). Students explored varius topics such as transportation, agriculture and governance, some from the perspective of a Mesopotamian, some from the perspective of someone currently residing in the same region. One particular class of students pulled together this “Then & Now” concept by shooting a modern day music video to a Flocabulary hip hop song about the Fertile Crescent. Year 2 (2010) info