The GalleRE @ Resource Depot

If you have an idea for a show, are interested in exhibiting your work as a solo show, or you work with an organization and would like to propose a group show that incorporates the individuals you work with, please email Chelsea Odum with your ideas and pictures if available. We love to hear from you. 


Resource Depot’s GalleRE is a space for exhibiting local artists that are incorporating the reuse of materials like the ones we collect into various art forms.  The space is intended to showcase what artistically can be done with what most people discard & serves as an educational space to remind people what the imagination can accomplish.

Our Space:

Our GalleRE is about 20’ X 20’ with movable gallery walls, so the size does flex from one show to the next. The space has three

6' x 6' windows, which provide excellent natural light as well as a wonderful space to exhibit in. Our GalleRE has two white concert walls and three movable drywall walls (8' x 8' each). For the concert walls and the window spaces we have a track system for hanging, which just requires artwork to have two high positioned D-rings on the back for hanging. We have raw grey concrete floors to act as a blank canvas for emerging artists. Our Space is open air to a warehouse ceiling that is 19'. For less color interference, the GalleRE track lighting has daylight LED bulbs. 

We have glass double doors that measure 82" x 69" to enter our building, so items must fit through them. Outside our building we have a ramp allowing for easy unloading/loading of larger artwork, the ramp width is 4'.