GUERILLA A.R.T (All Reusable Trash)

Guerilla A.R.T. Challenge Round 3 | Schools Out for Summer Edition

It went down on Saturday, June 4th at The Kelsey Theatre when our 4 teams battled it out for the title of Extreme Guerilla! The third installment of Guerilla A.R.T. featured eats from Diner Dogs Inc., entertainment by Dub City Derby Girls and your host MC, Ryan Lieber of Sick Puppies Improv Troupe!



Thank you to all our participants, attendees, and volunteers!

And a special thank you to The Kelsey Theatre for providing a fabulous venue!











What is GUERILLA A.R.T. you ask?

The GUERILLA A.R.T. (All Reusable Trash) CHALLENGE is a live crafting competition like Project Runway or Top Chef -- but ours is just slightly “TRASHY”! The Challenge consists of four teams taking on three on-the-spot challenges. In each round, contestants will channel their inner MacGyvers, out-crafting each other with Resource Depot's repurposed materials and their own wits, creativity, skills, and secret weapons! The finished products are then rated by our celebrity judges based on artistic merit, technique, and utility (but bribing is also *encouraged*). 


Stay tuned for upcoming GUERILLA A.R.T. events!

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.